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Dinner is included in the per-person price for the lodging.

Breakfast and lunches can be arranged in several ways.

We provide for an additional $15 pp on the Zapoten trip day, they are usually packed as picnics.

Visitors may bring their own supplies, which can be cooked by the staff or by the visitor.

I also suggest the people bring drinks ( we have water, coffee, and beer)  and snacks of their own choice.

Please advise me if there are dietary concerns. For instance, we can always serve vegetarian alternatives.

Vehicle and GAS

You can rent a regular car o hire a driver with a car that can take you to any of the spots on our Itenary list. Some location the tour guide will take you with a 4X4 vehicle.

Hotel Doña Elvira (Mansion Colonial DE Historic Luxe

Hotel Doña Elvira located just in the colonial Zone of Santo Domingo. 

Phone: 809-221-7415

Hotel Palacio

Boutique Hotel Palacio conveniently located just in the colonial zone of Santo Domingo.

Phone: 809-682-4730

Hotel El Quemaito

10 km west of Barahona. This will be our base for the days on the south side of the Sierra.

Phone: 809-649-7631

Hostal Doña Chava

A possible change of itinerary may include a stay in Pedernales.

Phone: 809-524-0332

Hotel Paraiso Caño Hondo

This will be our base for the trip to see the Ridgway’s hawk.

Phone: 809-696-3710

  • qxif-earlybirds Zapoten guide fee $175, our local expert Rafael Polanco.
  • qxif-earlybirdsZapoten vehicle $150
  • qxif-earlybirds La Placa…$75
  • qxif-earlybirdsNight birding..$100
  • qxif-earlybirds Cachote, car and driver..$200
  • qxif-earlybirds Los Haitises, owl and hawk..$150 local guide
  • Get full Guides fee