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Hispaniola Endemics

Know more about endemic birds, scientific names, and locations.

1 - White Fronted Quail Dove

(Geotrygon leucometopia)

Location: Rabo de Gato Trail and Zapoten

2 - Hispaniolan Lizard Cuckoo

 (Coccyzus longirostris)

Location: island wide

3 - Bay Breasted Cuckoo

 (Coccyzus rufigularis)

Puerto Escondido /transitional forest  (PE)


4 - Least Pauraque

(Siphonorhis brewsteri)

PE and continue searching

5 - Hispaniolan Nightjar

 (Antrostomus ekmani)



6 - Hispaniolan Mango

 (Anthracothorax dominicus)

Location: island wide

Foto by: Fritz Pichardo Cornelio
Foto by: Fritz Pichardo Cornelio

7 - Hispaniolan Emerald

 (Riccordia swainsonii)

High elevations(HE) Villa Barancoli and Zapoten

8 - Ridgway's Hawk

 (Buteo ridgwayi)

Location: Punta Cana, Los Haitises

9 - Ashy Faced Owl

 (Tyto glaucops)

PE and CH

10 - Hispaniolan Trogon

 (Priotelus roseigaster)


11 - Broad Billed Tody

 (Todus subbulatus)

island wide and Villa Barrancoli

12 - Narrow Billed Tody

 (Todus angustirostris)


13 - Antillean Piculet

 (Nesoctites micromegas)

island wide

14 - Hispaniolan Woodpecker

 (Melanerpes striatus)

island wide

15 - Hispaniolan Parrot

 (Amazona ventralis)

Location: island wide

16 - Hispaniolan Parakeet

 (Psittacara chloropterus)

Santo Domingo and other areas

17 - Hispaniolan Pewee

 (Contopus hispaniolensis)


18 - Flat Billed Vireo

 (Vireo nanus)


19 - Hispaniolan Palm Crow

(Corvus palmarum)

Alcoa Road, Lago Enriquillo shore Baitoa and La Descubierto

20 - White Necked Crow

 (Corvus leucognaphalus)

PE and Los Haitises

21 - Golden Swallow

 (Tachycineta euchrysea)

Alcoa Road, Zapoten, Valle Nuevo

22 - La Selle Thrush

 (Turdus swalesi)


23 - Palm Chat (National Bird)

(Dulus dominicus)

island wide

24 - Hispaniolan Crossbill

 (Loxia megaplaga)

HE, Alcoa Rd and Zapoten

25 - Antillean Siskin

 (Spinus dominicensis)


26 - Western Chat Tanager

 (Calyptophilus tertius)

HE and Zapoten

27 - Eastern Chat Tanager

 (Phaenicophilus poliocephalus)


28 - Black Crowned Palm Tanager

(Phaenicophilus palmarum)

island wide

29 - Grey Crowned Palm Tanager

 (Phaenicophilus poliocephalus)

ONLY in Haiti

30 - HIspaniolan Highland Tanager (Was White-winged Warbler)

 (Xenoligea montana)


31 - Green-Tailed Ground-Tanager

 (Microligea palustris)


32 - Hispaniolan Spindalis

(Spindalis dominicensis)


33 - Hispaniolan Oriole

 (Icterus dominicensis)



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