Located on the edge of the Sierra de Bahoruco National park and within the ENRIQUILLO REGION UNESCO BIOSPHERE, Villa Barrancoli is the base camp for Tody Tours’ excursions to the site above Zapoten , where at 1200+m we look for the special high elevation endemics.

At 400 m and placed in a shady woods, it is usually cooler than the valley below. There are 6 screened cabins with 2 single beds, a bath house with hot water showers, a dining/living room and a kitchen.
Dinner may be ordered and will be prepared by women from the local community.
Other meals for tour participants are usually trail picnics.
Other guests must provide their own supplies for breakfast and lunch. Use of the fully equipped kitchen is available.

Costs: $US25/$RD1000 per person per night, dinner included.

The RABO DE GATO trail begins here. It is a small micro-habitat along a stream with many large trees and provides a pleasant walk and often an interesting mix of birds.


Directions for Villa Barrancoli

How to arrive:
Drive south through Bani and Azua.towards Barahona. (3 hours)
At the crossroads for Cabral.(Good signs for Duverge and Jimani) go right.
Continue thru Cabral to Duverge (1/2 hr)
In Duverge, look for a left turn, there is a big mural on the wall of Yolanda Muebles.

If you get to the park, you have gone to far, turn back a block.
The road, newly re-surfaced, goes straight to
Puerto Escondido.(20 min)
The park office is on your right as you enter the village
Stop there to get ticket for park.($RD50)
Proceed straight ahead to a T intersection.
The sign indicates a left turn for Rabo de Gato.
At the next fork go right, cross the canals
And once again take the right fork,
And continue along the lane to Villa Barrancoli.
Entrance on left.

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