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CLIMATE: Temperatures year round are in the 80s. In the mountains early mornings will be cool to the mid 50s. The trip habitats range from the arid southwest to very humid coastal. Elevations range from sea level to 5,000 feet.
Rain is a possibility at almost any time of year.

CONDITIONS: Walking generally on maintained paths and trails, NO bushwhacking. The drive to the high mountain area is VERY bad, but once there the road is level or slightly inclined.

HEALTH: Please advise me if there are any health conditions that require special diet, affect ability to walk for 3-4 hours or difficulty with stairs.

DIET: Also advise me of any special dietary requirements.
There will always be a vegetarian option.
DO NOT DRINK THE TAP WATER! We will always have bottled water with us.

CLOTHING: Lightweight field clothing is appropriate. Long pants and long sleeved shirts provide protection from the sun and from insects.
Hat of course. Include a sweater for the early morning chill. Swimsuit optional. Comfortable walking shoes or light hiking boots should be sufficient.

EQUIPMENT: Binoculars, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug repellant, small flashlight or headlamp, alarm clock, water bottle.

CURRENCY: There are exchanges closer to the hotels witch give a better rate then the Airport. ATMs are also available.
No Travel Checks !!!!!!!!!

ARRIVAL: Upon arrival a Tourist card must be purchased for $10..The booth is immediately to your right when you come out of the airplane hallway. Fill out the forms for immigration, which should be available on the plane. Also there are forms for customs, which should be found on writing positions in the immigration hall. They collect the tourist card right away.

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