kate wallaceKate Wallace began guiding in 1997 and has been active as a guide ever since. Kate is a member of Birds Caribbean, formerly Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds. As such she has been involved in many of the Society’s activities, the Wetland Conservation Project, involving workshops about the importance of wetlands. She is also the island coordinator for the Caribbean Water-bird Census, conducting counts in various important wetlands several times a year. We also participate in the Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival and International Migratory Bird Day , which include activity days at the Botanical Garden.









Responsibility for many of these activities has been shared by Grupo Accion Ecological. This NGO was started by Maria Milagros Paolino and Danilo Mejia. They have worked as field assistants for Steve Latta, author of the guide to Birds of the island for 20 years and are completely dedicated to birds and conservation. Now they have joined me as guides and will share their extensive experience with visitors.

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Danilo Mejia
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Maria Milagros Paolino
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Rafael Polanco
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